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Touchtel Global’s warehouse is a state-of-the-art storage facility that combines ample space with advanced infrastructure. With a focus on efficiency and productivity, the warehouse features automated systems, advanced machinery, and inventory tracking technologies for optimized operations. The facility’s large floor area allows for easy organization and accessibility of products. Security measures, such as surveillance cameras and access control systems, ensure the protection of valuable inventory. Touchtel Global also prioritizes sustainability through energy-efficient lighting, solar panels, and water conservation measures. Overall, the company’s warehouse sets new standards in efficient storage solutions, enhancing its ability to meet customer demands and streamline supply chain processes.


We are a major high-volume, broad-line electronics distribution company. Our team consists of young, dynamic, and creative individuals who have developed a technology-driven distribution platform to meet the present and future needs of the market. Currently, we serve as the Devices Fulfillment partner for Airtel and Telkom in East Africa, and we oversee the distribution of mobile accessory brands in the UAE and East Africa. Our journey began with Nokia mobile phone distribution in Ghana, and we have since expanded our operations and services to South Africa and East Africa, including the distribution of gaming products, Canon, Nikon, Xiaomi, and Samsung mobile devices. Our world-class logistic facilities provide our distribution partners with ample storage space, eliminating concerns about inadequate storage facilities. Currently, we distribute our products in 400 retail stores, with a roadmap to reach 800 customers nationwide.


We are the leading traders and retailers of mobile phones and accessories, gaming consoles, laptops, and cameras in the region. In 2003, we initiated operations in Dubai as a trading partner for major mobile brands. Additionally, in 2010, we launched a retail store in Dubai’s Naïf area with the vision of establishing a strong presence in the accessories and gaming market. Presently, we are dedicated to expanding our retail business with the support of technology and highly active teams on the ground. We employ cutting-edge technology to ensure smooth supply chain management for retailers.


Our vast selection enables you to purchase any quantity of certified mobile devices, gaming consoles tablets, cameras, and electronics in a wide variety of grades and conditions. With our competitive prices and hassle-free process, you can leave all supply challenges behind and focus on your growth. At TouchTel, we handle the distribution, wholesale, and retail of brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Nokia in GCC and Africa. Furthermore, we are equipped with cutting-edge technology and world-class logistics that help us to streamline the process.



With online shopping becoming a trend across the world, we also started selling Mobile/Wireless/Electronic products on e-commerce platforms by partnering with Amazon and Noon- the leading E-commerce business in the Middle East. Furthermore, to help you experience the convenience of online shopping with us, we launched Van Sales Operation to ensure fast delivery of your orders and facilitate collection of payment from your doorsteps. Our automated sales forces provide us with a competitive edge in terms of cost, revenue, and market share.

Telecom Services

We understand that device profitability and ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) are key factors for operators. With this understanding, we strive to aid them in building a viable product proposition. Our comprehensive range of services includes end-to-end device fulfillment, covering procurement to retail for both mobility and CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). We maintain a wide range of ready inventory and ensure responsive logistics. Our offerings also encompass warranty and after-sales support, as well as customization options for products and packaging. We provide industry-leading commercial terms and expertise in bundling and reverse bundling of voice and data. Additionally, we facilitate device trade-in and buy-back arrangements. Moreover, we offer technical solutions for SMEs and large corporates in AI, IoT, and big data. Currently, we have established partnerships with top telcos in the Middle East and Africa, enabling us to deliver these services and support their business objectives effectively.


Besides offering leading distribution, trading, retail, and e-commerce services in the region, we also offer import-export services for our wide range of products. In 2010, we commenced our operations in India, Hong Kong, and main Land China for the import & export of cameras and Mobile Phones. To facilitate smooth import and export, we are equipped with world-class supply chain management backed by high-end technology, resulting in streamlining the process and ensuring cost-effective operations.


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In addition to providing leading distribution, trading, retail, and e-commerce services in the region, we also offer import-export services for our wide range of products. In 2010, we initiated our operations in India, Hong Kong, and mainland China for the import and export of cameras and mobile phones. To facilitate seamless import and export processes, we have established a world-class supply chain management system supported by high-end technology. This enables us to streamline operations and ensure cost-effective processes.

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