September 8, 2023 in News

UAE smartphone prices slashed as retailers await Apple iPhone 15 launch – this time it is different

In the current rapidly evolving global smartphone industry, it is critical to understand the impact of the performance of iPhone 15 in China on Apple’s pricing policy in the UAE and Gulf markets. As Saleem Javed, CEO of Touchtel, has noted, China has become a primary battleground for technology giants due to its huge consumer base and burgeoning middle class. Any decline in sales of the iPhone in China has the potential to affect the broader smartphone ecosystem, including the clandestine ‘grey’ market for the sale of imported or unofficially sourced smartphones. Apple’s capacity to adapt to market dynamics and address changing customer preferences will be pivotal to its success in the Middle East and beyond. As the release of the much-awaited iPhone 15 draws closer, its performance in China will be a crucial factor in setting the tone for the entire smartphone industry. For more information, please follow the link:

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