May 17, 2023 in News


At WWDC 2023, Apple announced its first new major product line since 2014, the Vision Pro headset along with iOS 17 for iPhone, the Mac Studio with M2, the Mac Pro with M2 Ultra, the 15-inch MacBook Air 

The Vision Pro is Apple’s first Headset and boasts of a mixed reality experience for its users. Apple Vision Pro seamlessly blends digital content with your physical space.

Ok first things first. Before we go further, I am sure the first and topmost question on everybody’s minds will be – How Much?? Well let’s put that curiosity to rest first. It’ll retail for $3,499, early next year on Apple’s website in the US.

So yes some of us will have to first find a customer….. for our Kidneys 😀

Now coming to the main features of this product.

It features exterior cameras, allowing users to interact with digital content in mixed reality. The product will have 2 hours of use on a battery pack that the headset plugs into.

Once set, the users will have a floating set of icons with Apple’s most used apps, including Mail, Music, Messages, and Safari. How cool is that?

The operating system called “Vision OS” will help seamlessly merge Microsoft Office Suite into it along with thousands of IOS Apps.

It’s powered by Apple’s M2 chipset, paired alongside a brand-new chip called R1, designed for “real-time sensor processing.” Those chipsets power Apple’s new operating system, visionOS.

Using a user’s iris, Optic ID will lock and unlock the Vision Pro.

You can control it with hands, eyes, and voice, Tim Cook said. “Relive your most important memories in an entirely new way,” Cook said. The 23-million pixel panel has more pixels than a 4K television per eye, Apple executives said.

Cook called it a “spatial journey.”

Be rest assured that you will find Touchtel as one of the first businesses to trade and sell this product in the UAE. Looking forward

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